Free Webinar: Using Energy Modelling to Optimise GSHP System Design

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We are delighted to announce a follow-on to our most popular ever webinar last month, where Brendan Hall of CHA Consulting demonstrated how Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems can be modelled effectively to improve the design process.
On 17th June Brendan will take this discussion to another level, showing you how he used DesignBuilder to optimise the trade-off between the construction cost and operational energy consumption savings of a GSHP HVAC system in a recent project.
Although exceptionally energy-efficient, Ground Source Heat Pump systems are often expensive to install compared to other system types, mostly due to the ground heat exchanger cost. This can be a barrier to adoption. The GSHP payback period can be reduced dramatically compared to less efficient systems by intelligently optimising energy conservation measures (ECMs) that reduce the building load and/or balance the annual heating and cooling loads.

Brendan's presentation will show the process he used in the project to optimise the trade-off between capital cost and operational energy savings. A genetic algorithm in DesignBuilder's optimisation module was used to evaluate several ECMs and determine which design combinations had the greatest potential to minimise the bore field size and operational energy consumption per construction dollar.

Register now to watch the webinar on optimising ground source heat pump design, or to access the recording here:

To whet your appetite for this webinar, you can still access Brendan's previous webinar "Design and Modelling Ground Source Heat Pump Systems" here: Other informative content including case studies, webinars and tutorials is freely available here:

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