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I'm having the same problem today as Mr. Khan below.

Attached is a screenshot of the error that pops up. I'm observing the
same behavior: wanting to edit spreadsheet values with copy/paste
(ctrl+v), but finding I need to open up the space-specific entry window
to enter the value. If it helps, the error is popping up for only
specific spaces.

Hoping someone has figured the root of this issue out?


Wed Jun 17 07:29:28 PDT 2009

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I am using eQuest for few months now, Can anyone please help with this
problem, I am getting in eQuest,I never got this error before, When I am
working in the spreadsheet, and copying and pasting value, eQuest does
not allow to paste some times,and return a message , "Entry for "Name"
is set to be not editable, aborting paste". I only get this message in
the spreadsheet, if a zone or system is opened by double clicking in the
tree, same value can be easily changed.

Best Regards;
Nouman Khan

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