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Hello all,

I am have an inconsistently hard time editing the Outdoor Air and Exhaust Parameters on my zones. (Using v 3 64) There must be something I am missing, because sometimes it works fine and other times it doesnt. I am hoping someone can help me trouble shoot. Here are the details:

For a given parameter, I can paste a value from one zone into another, but only for some zones. My I attempt this same operation on another zone it gives me the following error msg when I try to paste a value. "Entry for Exhaust Flow has been set to not editable. Aborting Paste" On the same cell that caused the error, if I try to switch the value by typing in a new value (or selecting it from a drop down) it simply reverts to the previous value.

The values that I am trying to change are red, but when I right click the "restore default" option is grey-ed out.
The only thing that I can do to get a different value to stay in there is right click and "Edit/View User expression" (this works on the ones for which I am using global parameters, but its SLOW!)

The strangest thing to me is the inconstancy. Some zones work fine. The zones that don't work in the spreadsheet view work fine in the Zone Parameters view.

I checked the archive and found a thread with the same issue, but didnt see a solution

Anyone have the magic answer?

Thanks for your time!!

Kevin Coleman, CEM, LEED AP 

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Find and replace in the *. Inp file if the numbers are searchable?

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