error: assign zone to baseline floor system

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I?have got some errors (in Window "Rule Evaluation Error List"), when running
"Perform Compliance Analyis". They are the same messages:
Error Code: Error
Message: Assign zone to baseline floor system: CRule::Eval() error posting
symbolic (value 5.18955e-296) result to BDL
?I would very much appreciate your guidance to solve the errors.

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Try this: change all the spaces to be air-conditioned, generate the baseline
buildings and then work on the two project files separately to customise the
proposed and baseline building spaces as needed.


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Hello guys,

I have the same problem... The solution Kishan is proposing, cant figure it out. You mean to change all spaces to "conditioned"  ? If you have any suggestions... i would be very thankfull.

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