Library Linkage Found (from natural gas to LP gas) in eQuest 3.65

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To whom it may concern:
I am running some simulations for an office building in Mexico City.? I used a chilled water and hot water coil with an standard VAV with HW reheat.? I changed from the wizard data edit to the detailed data edit, and try to edit the non-domestic hot water usage from natural gas to LP gas in the Utility & Economics tab.? I received the following message:
"You have requested a change to a library component.? Library components cannot be edited, so performing this modification will cause this component to become part of your project rater than being fetched from the library upon project open.? As a result, this component will not benefit from any future library updates or fixes but otherwise this action should not cause any problems with your project.? Press OK to continue with the component modification, or Cancel to abort this modification."
Before I did this, I saved the file with other name and pressed OK in order to change from natural gas to LP gas.? But, I got this second message:
"The data just modified will cause the following 1 error(s):? Fuel Meter 'FM1' Type:? Assigned symbol 'PSZ' is of an incompatible type.? Press OK to restore the previous value(s), or Cancel to proceed with the data modification."
Therefore, I cannot use LP gas with a PSZ.? But, I double checked the *.INP file and there is not a PSZ system.? I have is a VAVS system.? This is really weird!? The message with the PSZ should not appear! Is not logical for me!? What could be wrong? Is it for editing the natural gas? Please, any comments will be highly appreciated!?

Kind regards,
Jose Luis Bermudez Alcocer, Ph.D., M.Arch., B.Arch.

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