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The receptacle loads between my proposed and baseline models do not match exactly.  They both come up as 0.7W/sf, but the total for the baseline is 65,322 kWh and the proposed is 65,003 kWh.  Is this enough to worry about for a LEED review?  I've checked that my miscellaneous loads and areas match between the models.  I called CDS and they had me remove the miscellaneous control power from the equipment in the chilled and heating plants; when that didn't work they had me remove the parasitic energy from the energy recovery devices.  Still no luck.  Any thoughts?

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are any of your misc loads set to an energy source other than electricity?  I left one set to none that cause me some grief a few weeks back.

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The best way to solve this problem is in this video (starting at 2:07). The free video cuts out, but if you have access to the training this tells you exactly how to solve this problem in under 10 minutes.

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ajuran, I do not see a significan t difference between the two, you're only talking ~300kWh. So long as they account for at least (not exaclty) 25% of your overall performance rating method, then you should be ok...saying that if youre plug loads amounted to 28% of your performance rating method by cost (not consumption) then you've met the 25%.

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