2 Pipe Fan coil with electric Heat and District Cooling - what is the baseline heating modeled as?

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Hopefully I'm posting in the correct forum subject headings.  I am new to the energy modeling community and had a few questions in regards to District Cooling.  We have a 2 pipe FCU with electric heat and district cooling.  I am unsure how to model the baseline building's heating.  I have read from released documents from USGBC that seem to indicate that the baseline building (with no district heating) is to be modeled with a hot water boiler.  But this assumes that I am working with a 4 pipe system.  I cannot seem to find anything on the 2 pipe system.  Do I just model the baseline with electric heating too?  Or do I model the baseline with a hot water boiler even if the proposed is electric?  Thanks to all in advance for your help.

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A boiler is a covered container in which water or other fluid is heated after being subjected to pressure. The steam or hot fluid is then disseminated out of the boiler for its utilization in heating. A safety bulb is an integral part of a boiler, and is essential for the prevention of overheating and subsequent damage to the boiler that can be caused by a probable explosion.
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First refer to ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G requirements and after your system is selected refer to the USGBC "Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED v2 and LEED 2009 - Design and Construction" (see attached images below).  It appears that you would be selecting Option 1; which would refer you to Table 3 to select the system to be modeled as a baseline.

Which system have you selected?

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