LEED 2009 CS District Cooling Option 1: System 2

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Hi All,

We are pursuing LEED 2009 CS on a mixed-use project with a residential
conditioned area greater than 1900 m2 hence Baseline System 2 is

Ordinarily Baseline System 2 is defined as PTHP. However the building is
served by a district cooling system. Following guidance from the USGBC
V2 "Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED 2009"
document, we are using DES Option 1 (Building Stand-Alone Scenario - not
modelling the upstream equipment). Therefore Table 1 states that
Baseline System 2 corresponds to a 4-pipe Fan Coil w/HW boiler heat.

I have the following queries which I hope you can assist with:

1. What should the fan coil fan power be specified as? Where can this
guidance be found?
2. Does each individual thermal zone need to be served by a separate fan
coil unit?
3. In eQUEST will we have to model separate DOAS units serving the fan
coil systems?
4. If the proposed building heating fuel source is electric, do we
assume that the HW boiler in the baseline system is also electric?

Thanks in advance,

Nancy Zikri

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