Modeling Hydronic Heat Pumps in EE4

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I'm trying to model a hydronic heat pump elementary school (with boiler and cooling tower) in EE4 for MNEBC compliance. EE4 crashes before it finishes the calculation, specifically while its executing the DOESIM.exe. It gives the error "LI-01 argument must be greater than zero"

I've combed through the .BDL and .SIM files and this error doesn't show up nor does any other error. Anyone have any ideas what might cause the program to crash like that?

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Matt White

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Have you looked at the above link? The cause of the crash might be found there. Also, I would try running the file in EE4-OBC just to see if it will run without crashing. If you do, don't forget that when switching over to EE4-OBC you have to select the weather file first under the building element or it will crash. 

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