[Equest-users] error in deleting chilled water loop pump

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dear all,

I'm working on project with district cooling, following the guidelines of
"Treatment of District or Campus Thermal Energy in LEED V2 and LEED 2009 -
Design Construction", I took the option 1 (Building Stand Alone Scenario).

After adding Chilled water meter, I deleted the whole plant (chiller,
condenser pump, & cooling tower) but I got this error:

Loop: Chilled Water Loop does not have any pumps
directly attached, nor do the primary equipment
units. You must define a pump.

In the actual design all pumps are located in the plant. The building will
not have circulating pump that's why I tried to detlete it. Is there a way
to delete the pump without any error?

If it's not allowed to delete the pump, should it still comply with ASHRAE
90.1 (22 W/gpm)?

thanks in advance.


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