Serious T-24 issues.

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Hello all,

I am having some serious Title -24 compliance errors in equest. I really
apologize as I am attaching about 4 screenshots. Hopefully I can get
some constructive responses.

Every time I run the compliance run, it runs all through (100% through
all the steps with no errors) but the result is a non compliant building
with a message: " Hours outside throttling range >10 percent"

Now in my baseline building, the hours outside the throttling range is
only 0.06%. Please see the image below: I have about 20 unmet hours for
all the systems (4 VAV and 10 FCU).

However when I look into the proposed building sim file and the standard
building sim file, it seems that I am having many hours outside the
throttling range. I am attaching them as well. And to add to my agony,
when it runs the simulation, it starts creating a file called, "Proposed
HVAC sizing.sim". But then when the simulation ends and I get the
non-compliance nod, the HVAC sim file vanishes. While it was running, I
managed to capture a screenshot which I am attaching as well.

Now my question is, how do I change my proposed design model to make it
compliant? Equest also creates these Title-24 baseline and proposed
.inp files for both the building and the HVAC systems but they are all

Did anyone have this experience with T-24 modeling before? I am at a
serious fix and any help will be highly appreciated.



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Hi Ramya,

Thanks for the response. I hope you are doing well. I had called you
sometime back and left a voice message as well.

Anyways, the problem is that I have put in all the proposed design
parameters in my baseline case and that is where it is giving me about
20 unmet hrs total which is about 0.6%. It wasn't giving me the same in
my first run but after working around with the capacities and throttling
range values, I am able to jot that down.

But when I try to run the T-24 compliance, it automatically creates a
standard building case and a proposed case and I am having hard time in
figuring out how to change my proposed case as I have only one .pd2 file
which is my baseline case. Also, the SS-R and SS-F reports which
actually shows the system and zone by zone unmet hours, I can view them
only in my Baseline.sim and not in any of the other cases mentioned. See
the screenshot below for the options I have in the proposed.sim file.
So, I don't even know which systems or which zones are giving me
problems in the proposed case.

So, yeah lets see if anyone else has some constructive feedback on the

Thanks again,


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