Don't waste our time and abuse this list! Is there a moderator out there?

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I'm starting to dread the arrival of the daily digest from this list,
due to the inconsiderate people who neglect to trim their replies before
sending and due to those who outright abuse it, and today's digest
dramatically illustrated both.
First Mr. Nouman Khan sent a one sentence reply to his daily digest
without first erasing off the originating message at the bottom of his
reply, which resulted in 2/3 of today's digest being a repeat of
yesterday's digest (which was also full of repeated originating
messages). I'll assume this was a crime of ignorance, not malice, but
those of you who see yourself in this mistake, please have a care and
take a moment to erase all the garbage off the bottom of your reply
before you hit send (as I've done with this message)!

When I finally scrolled down far enough to locate the second message in
today's digest, I find that it is an advertisement having nothing to do
with building simulation. Is there no moderator for this list who can
block spammers and people who abuse the list? I think one strike of
blatant abuse like this advertisement should ban one from the list, and
maybe three strikes of ignorant, callous mistakes like the one described
above before you are out (with warnings in between). Everyone on this
list is a professional trying to get something done with their day
besides reading e-mail, and hoping to learn more tips about building
simulation, so this list needs to be policed better if it is to stay an
asset and not a liability! If there is no moderator, we need everyone on
the list to self-police their behavior!

This is the second time in the short time I've been a subscriber I've
complained about this, and it is like talking to a brick wall for all
the good it does,

Christina A. Snyder

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Honestly every since the switch from GARD to onebuilding the digest has
been horrid. Without the ability to click links to each post you're
forced to sort through the endless string of replies to get to each

However, it is often helpful to see the string of e-mails that lead to
each message being sent.

The solution for you might to be get rid of digest mode and just go to
individual messages. I gave up on digest shortly after the switch to a
total text based format.

Robby Oylear, LEED??AP

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When we switched to the web site we switched
the software we were using for the mailing list to Mailman.
I have two options for digests "plain" or "MIME". It has
been set to "plain" but I just switched it to MIME. Please
let me know if that is any better.

Everyone should read the list guidelines prior to posting

I tried to keep them simple.

If the members of the list would like me to add some text
about trimming replies, I can. Keep in mind that most people
don't use the digest mode and the reply text helps
understand the context of a message. Maybe people who
receive digests should trim their reply .. and answer using
the original subject.


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