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If I only control lights, i.e., lower light schedule values from 2pm to 5pm, the lighting power consumption goes down as shown in Fig1 below.? ? ? ? ?Fig 1 Light power consumption with and without light control
What I don't understand is why the cooling consumption goes higher as shown in Fig 2, it should decrease due to decrease in lighting load.

? ? ? ? Fig 2 Cooling power consumption with and without light control

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New to me (not really sure why it?s grayed out), but you could try manually inserting the model reference in the PRD file for the associated run(s).? ? Here?s an example of what that looks like in the interface (when you can access the tick box): ?. Versus what it looks like in the PRD file ? the relevant path looks like the 7th entry following ?PARAMETRIC_RUN?: ? Also I?m 99% certain the preceding ?TRUE? entry above is the state of the checkbox we?re concerned with.? Set that to TRUE as well. ? If you manually edit your PRD, then try re-opening / simulating that parametric, you?ll get a more informative error/caution to explain why it?s being disallowed in the first place.? Alternatively maybe it will just get ignored and won?t work? but worth a shot! ? On a related point:? I?ve been recently interested in fully deconstructing / reverse-engineering the structure of the PRD files for parametric analyses, and also understanding exactly how these inputs are leveraged to modify the INP file (preprocessing) prior to a parametric simulation.? Is anyone aware of any official/unofficial documentation already pulled together on this front? ? ~Nick ? Nick Caton, P.E., BEMP
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