Digest Mode Reduces Number of E-mails

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If you would rather receive a single email each day with all
of the messages within it, you can use Digest Mode. Go to
the main web page


Click on the link on the left for the mailing list you want
to change your options on. At the bottom of the page for the
specific mailing list, in the field near the button
"unsubscribe or edit options" enter your email address and
press that button. The next page will ask for a password, if
you don't remember yours click on the remind button and one
will be emailed to you. From this page you can change to
digest mode or your email address or other options.

If you receive a digest, when replying to a message in the
digest, please copy the original subject line and don't
include the entire digest when replying. Just include the
original message.


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