District Thermal Energy

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Dear folks,

I am simulating a project to be LEED-certified (LEED-NB).
There is a central chiller plant using thermal storage that provides thermal
energy to 6 buildings.

In the document "Required Treatment of District Thermal Energy in LEED-NC
version 2.2 and LEED for Schools" Table 1 as below:

Complete 2 energy models using the following methods:
? Step 1: Building stand-alone scenario document performance of project
building alone, with upstream equipment modeled as cost neutral

? Step 2: Aggregate building / DES scenario document combined performance of
the building and central plant by including the performance of upstream

Please advise what is the proper setting for such a district thermal
energy system in Equest,.

During each step,which way is more appropriate to simulat 6 buildings whitin
one Equest model or separately simulate each building?


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