Simulation of Central Plant for LEED 2.2 EA C1

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Hi All,

I'm completing a model of a building that is heated by a central campus
steam plant for LEED NC 2.2 EA P1 and C1. I've followed the guidelines in
"Required Treatment of District Thermal Energy in LEED NC 2.2 and LEED for
Schools" dated May 28, 2008.

I'm doing pretty well, but I'm a bit confused by the following paragraph
(page 8 under the heading: Energy Model Implementation ? Energy rates)

Step 2 (Aggregate Building / DES scenario) ? in this modeling scenario the
DES-supplied energy is not
modeled as cost-neutral purchased energy, and thus purchased DES rates
(chilled water, steam, hot
water) are ignored. Fuel and electricity rates are assigned using the local
utility rate schedules as they
would normally apply to the building and using the normal ASHRAE and LEED
modeling rules. For
the Baseline Building the rates are applied to the code-compliant heating or
cooling plant as instructed
in Appendix G, and for the Proposed Building the rates are applied to the
virtual plant according to the
actual energy sources used in the upstream DES (electricity, gas, oil,

They are a bit unclear...

If the central plant burns #6 oil, do you use the local rate for #6 oil for
the proposed system and the local rate for home heating oil for the


do you use the local rate for home heating oil for both?

Has anyone submitted one of these projects yet?

Thanks for your help.


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