District Thermal Energy Modeling for LEED EAp2

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Hi all,

I am performing an energy model for a couple buildings with a central
plant and LEED's treatment of district thermal energy says the upstream
(i.e. plant) equipment cannot be included in the prerequisite
calculation. I have already set up the model and got it going for the
Energy credit with water-cooled chillers and steam fired boilers. In
order to do the prereq, I have added a steam meter to the HHW loop and a
chilled water meter to the CHW loop. When I perform compliance
analysis, I get an error stating there is no point in having plant
equipment if the loop in on the meter. When I delete chillers and
boilers, pumps, and tower - it has errors sizing the equipment.

Can anyone offer up advice or point me to a document that explains
clearly the best method? Thank you.

Amber Welsh, P.E.

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