IBPSA News Vol 22 No 2 and IBPSA website information

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Dear IBPSA Board,

The IBPSA News Volume 22 No 2 is now available at www.ibpsa.org. It is dedicated in honour of Curtis Pedersen.

Features include: an interview with Jon Wright about IBPSA England's first
conference, an interview with Hugo Hens about the limitations of Heat, Air
and Moisture simulation, and a message from Joe D'Angelo about JBPS' first
impact factor.

A big thank you to all those who have contributed to the News!

With respect to your individual bios on the IBPSA website, kindly fill in
the attached form and send it back to me at your earliest convenience. It
should only take you a couple of minutes to do this, however, so far I have
only received 5 in total! Please rename the attached document with your name
and country, e.g. in the case of our president
"Beausoleil-Morrison_Canada_information". (Btw, Ian is one of the few people
who have already submitted it!)

Happy reading!


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