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Answers to some more questions

DOE2.1E runs in the Command Prompt (DOS) window.

I could not run it with 64-bit computer and Windows 7.

It works with Windows XP Mode & Virtual PC in Windows 7 (see attachment)

I still prefer the BDL method of input because you are left with a text
specifications or report of the building loads, systems, plant & economics.

I have templates to model most of the features of DOE2.1E schedules, loads,
systems, plant & economics (see attached examples - not executable)

I think it is possible to do all this with EnergyPlus also.

The eQUEST method of tracing AutoCad drawings is an excellent method to
create the building physical model.

It is fast & accurate and easy to check.


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Varkie, others,

I don't have any troubles running my version of DOE-2.1E on a 64-bit machine. This may
have something to do with the source code or compilation, since my version is the latest
available from LBNL (same as from ESTSC), Version 124, dated 2008. I'm in the process of
setting up an open-source center through which this DOE-2.1E code and executable will be
made available and maintained. Until that time, anyone with interest in this version of
DOE-2.1E can send me an e-mail.

Joe Huang

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I have no problem running DOE2.1e with Windows 7 64 bit. I use three
different versions of DOE2.1e from the command line, all work as expected.

>> Christopher Jones, P.Eng.

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