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Dear Building Simulationists

I'd like to draw your attention to the AIVC Conference 2012, Optimising
Ventilative Cooling and Airtightness for [Nearly] Zero-Energy Buildings, IAQ
and Comfort, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-11 October 2012. AIVC is
a sister organization of IBPSA.

For further information visit:


Dr Veronica I Soebarto

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Proj-14 is a study of infiltration in tall buildings. Typically these mixed-use buildings are residential (operable windows) at the top and commercial (fixed windows) at the bottom.
All the case studies in the website were created for teaching and to demostrate design options & issues only. The studies are basic and not intensive or exhaustive. We (with help of A-E design firms) have been talking about starting again from scratch. Issues are copyrights, free access to website etc. The emphasis is on education that emphasize practice. See obectives and downloadable items 1 to 7.
Energy savings is high when it operates during the day and uses renewable energy (daylight, GSHP, PV. passive solar, etc.). Energy savings is low for high-rise bldgs in urban areas. See article ?2 - VCT - Mechanical-Design and Percent-Energy-Savings?
Proj-13 shows why commercial buildings use electricity for winter heating.
Proj-12 shows how a low-rise bldg on a large lot can save 50% energy.
Proj-12 is based on Proj-11 which is LEED Platinum.
The following projects (Proj-2 to Proj-5) demonstrates why the perimeter zone depth for dayligting can be over 25 feet. See article ?1 - VCT - Architectural-Design and Perimeter-Zoning-Depth??

Proj-2 -
Proj-3 -
Proj-4 -
Proj-5 -
Proj-6 is intended to compare systems options for a hotel bldg
Proj-7 is intended to compare plant options for a office bldg
Proj-8 is an attempt at modeling the LEED Platinum CCGT Bldg (Proj-11 in DOE2.1E) with eQUEST. Renewable energy modeling is not correct.

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