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Long time ago, I posted an unsanswered question. Since the question still remain, I will try to explain it more clearly.

I have a hard time to interpret what a "local control" means with 90.1-2013 - section

"There shall be one or more manual lighting controls in the space that controls all of the lighting in the space. (...)"

Each space have a lot of others control requirement like Restricted to partial automatic ON, Bilevel, Automatic partial off,etc.
What does the local manual lighting controls need to do with all the lighting ? Do they need to complement the other control, or to bypass them with a forthright 100% ON / 0% OFF ?

Many thanks

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Dear Julian,
A mon avis....

For the electrical designer, this requirement of 90.1 means specific
controls which allow various means of turning lights on and off.

For the modeler, it means determining an appropriate schedule for use which
reflects the lighting usage. In the past, it was common to apply a 10%
reduction in usage for areas which used an occupancy sensor. That reduction
is someone's best estimate, but is clearly an approximation because every
building will differ somewhat.

No one knows how occupants will *actually *use the available controls,
especially before the building is constructed. That means you must create
your best estimate of that usage in your model. The 90.1 User Manual has
"Estimated Operating and Occupancy Schedules" and I show one of them below.
That's a helpful place to start and might be all you need, unless your
client gives detailed operating information.

[image: Inline image 1]

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This is basically saying that you must have a manual ON/OFF switch to control the lighting. If you want to put more sophisticated controls on the switch, you can do so, but at the very minimum, occupants must have the ability to turn the lights on and off. Note that some spaces (for example, corridors, restrooms, lobbies, storage rooms) are not required to have manual control per table 9.6.1.


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