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Hello all,

Can I take credit for energy savings due to exterior lighting and unheated parking garage lighting in a LEED energy model?

Are these both considered non-regulated process loads?

What is the procedure for this? Do I include the energy usage from these two loads in the proposed and reference building energy usage? Or do I exclude them both and then subtract the savings from the proposed building energy usage?

Can anyone tell me what to use as the lighting power for my MNECB reference building?


Brian Tysoe M.A.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP

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Hey Brian,


Parking garage lighting is something you simply have to include (not
subtract out) in your models (90.1-2007, TG3.1.6.e). Give it
scheduling/controls and installed wattage to match your true design in
the proposed model. For the baseline model, review the sub-notes in the
spreadsheet provided for EAc1 documentation first - you need to
calculate the allowable wattage minus any difference in the
nontrade-able sums... I can't think of how to phrase that more clearly
so I'm suggesting you check that item out yourself to avoid any mixups

I believe the wording of 90.1-2007 locks out the opportunity to
demonstrate an "above and beyond" exterior lighting control scheme (I've
done that in the past for 90.1-2004 modeling)... But I'm not 100% sure -
it may be worth your time to compare your actual control scheme(s)
against what would be required as mandatory provisions in chapter 9.

As an example: you might be able to schedule some of your exterior
lighting loads differently if you have photocells turning off otherwise
24/7 lighting around your open garage's exterior perimeter, as I don't
believe 90.1 requires this.

MNECB on the other hand is something I've never dealt with in my career
here in Kansas... so I can't comment to that ;).


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