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How to get 90% Off

Author: Becca
Posted on: May 13, 2014

We have seen a number incoming search engine links looking for " coupon code"

If you want to try one of our courses, and you want a discount? How does 90% off sound?

For a limited time only, we are offering "Pay with userpoints", where you can earn points and use those points to pay for our products.

The best way to earn points is by referring others with your referral link.

  • Get your referral link on your user page 
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How do I get my referral link?
Go to your user page and find it, it will look like this:
Your referral link
How do I see my total userpoints?
On your user page, you can see your points and where they came from!
Your userpoints

How Liberal is LEED?

Author: Becca
Posted on: April 28, 2014

When we first published a map of LEED buildings per capita in 2011, we were accused of a political agenda by a few people. After the initial surprise and chuckle, our curiosity started to grow, after all, as energy-modelers we naturally gravitate towards analyzing data. So we asked ourselves, “What side would this map be on for a political agenda?”

Can you guess which image is the presidential results?

Image 1

Image 2

It shouldn't be too difficult to tell, but Image 1 is the 2012 Presidential results and Image 2 is the LEED square footage Certified in 2013 per capita.

Bold Changes in LEED v4

Author: Becca
Posted on: December 9, 2013

After a year of beta testing, LEED v4 is out. What caused the delay? Some changes hardly seem controversial, like the new market sectors that allow for a wider selection of building types for existing schools and retail, data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, and mid-rise residential projects.  

According to Beth Heider, "USGBC – when I was chair – realized through discussions with stakeholders that those groups didn’t feel the market was ready for as much change as LEED v4 contains. Part of the reason was the building market was – and still is – somewhat soft.”  

A closer look at impact categories and the dynamic plaque help explain USGBC’s hesitancy. As a systematic reevaluation of its efficacy and intent, USGBC asked itself, “What should a LEED project accomplish?” rather than focusing on environmental problems and how they can be reduced.

LEED v4’s new Impact categories serve both as an answer to that question and as a direct response to critics’ claims that LEED enables “greenwashing.” As Beth Heider explained, "...while LEED 2009 weighted points to encourage projects to do less harm, LEED v4 is aspirational in weighting and developing credits to encourage projects to do more good." The Impact categories reflect this aspirational shift by creating stronger ties between LEED v4 credits and their performance outcomes.