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I have a high rise building with FCU in the rooms. These getting their outside air from the corridor (SZRH). But the corridor is getting the air with a constant volume flow (6400 m^3/h) and constant temperature (20?C). I do not know how to model that in equest , I tried to set all thermostat points to 20 ?C but obviously that is not working as it cools/heat the corridor to 20?C all the time. Is it possible to define a AHU with constant volume and constant temperature and if yes how do I implement it? Thanks


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I don't have a lot of time to dissect this, but I was taught a trick years ago to use an induction system (I used to do a BUNCH of Hilton Hotels). Two sets of coils, and the induced air becomes the fan coil air.

Try playing with this approach.

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