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I'm new to energy modeling with eQUEST and am trying to build a model for a
community center consisting of a library, a pool and an ice rink. We are
hoping that we can use rejected heat from the ice plant in the rest of the
building. I've begun entering the ice plant data into the program; however,
when describing the brine loop we are running into a bit of trouble.

1) We expect the brine pump head to be 60ft. We tried to input this
value but eQUEST only allows a brine head value that is =/< 40ft. Have
others encountered this same problem?

2) We are having trouble attaching a chiller/heat pump to the brine
loop. Ideally we'd like to have the brine loop run off some water-to-water
heat pumps that supply the hot water loop but we haven't figured out how to
go about this

I've heard of a sample ice rink file around, does anyone know how I can get
this? It may help solve these and other issues. I have attached the .pd2
and .inp files. Any help is appreciated, thank you;


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Hi Justin,

When I was looking for the "sample Ice Rink" file, this is the one I
received. I think this was built in version 3.61. You might want to be
mindful to open the file with at least 3.63 (that's the one I was trying to
use at the time.)

I'm happy to offer some support and advice, but my ice rink energy model got
put on hold way back when, so I never had the chance to finally verify
results against the real thing.

Anyway, here is the sample file you were looking for...


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I recently started modeling an ice rink in eQUEST and ran into some other limitations you might want to consider. The coldest brine temperature I was allowed to enter was 20F. For hockey the ice needs to be around 22F and 20F glycol just isn't cold enough; around 15F is more typical. The program will probably calculate the building loads fine, but the brine flow and pump energy will be off. Does anyone know a way around this?

eQUEST also cannot model some of the dehumidification options that we are considering. I ended up doing spreadsheet calculations for most of the proposed upgrades and am working with a vendor who has done many ice rink retrofits and developed a spreadsheet to evaluate the dehumidification options (as well as some measures I had in my spreadsheet).

Keith Swartz, P.E., LEED AP

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I have had similar problems with dehumidification.

Regarding brine temps, I adjusted my chiller curves by 5F to reflect
eQuest's limitations regarding loop temperatures.


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Small painful question:

I am demonstrating eQuest capabilities to a new member of our firm. When I go to
show Parametrics in the Detailed Edit mode, I start each parametric Run with a
Title change, by adding a description in Title Line-2 (through the parametric
interface).? When I perform the runs (successfully), I get Greek (Martian ??)
writing in the Title-2 area. I check the .PRD file and the correct information
is there.

Why is this not translating through to the DOE-2.2 output reports? I am using
eQuest 3.64, and have done this trick successfully in 3.63.

Anyone have a suggestion?

My thanks in advance.

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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I guess you created the Title change parametric run while the file already included some other parametric runs.

I have experienced the same Greek/Martian text that you mention and sometimes experienced no text at all.
Try closing the file and open it again. It worked for me in the past.

Best regards,

Gaurav Mehta, LEED? AP BD+C

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Hello Pasha,

I am currently making an energy simulation of an ice rink. Unfortunatly, I can't add some refrigeration on my ice rink zone. Can you send me your "sample Ice Rink" file so I could check what is my error? It would be very appreciated.

Best regards,


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