eQuest v3.6 versus v3.63

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Hi to all:

I have models completed in Version 3.6 and have recently made the switch to Version 3.63.??I still?have both?versions on the computer.?

Problem:? The "open existing file" window does not show the v3.63 files.? Which means when opening an existing file, v3.63 is looking in the c:\program\eQuest..........where v3.6 files are stored rather than the c:\mydocuments\eQuest.......... where v3.63 files are stored.?

Does anyone else have this issue? if so, how?is it solved?

Can v3.6 files be opened and modified in v3.63 without any issues? if so, I would delete v3.6 from the system.

Thanks for your help.
Ron Lamarre, AIA, NCARB
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