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What is the greatest contribution an Architect have on the energy models? Walls and windows of course. I laugh when they hand me (at 35% design) a window manufacturer cutsheet. It's center of glass info at best. They look at you cross-eyed when you say that you need the composite window performance data... Well, let's say the Architect didn't specify enough performance data on the windows. Let's say he/she only gave a composite U-value and not the SHGC in their specifications. It is very risky and expensive to allow an open factor such as the SHGC out of the design. I've seen it. They look at you weird like you want to take over, and you can stress to them how important it is, but still you get cast that look down at the end of their noses. Well, my solution to that is create a lunch-n-learn for your company or invite the Arch consultant/s. Get the word out of what you are looking for. Create an Integrated Energy Design spreadsheet to document the data. Let them know that whatever is in the specifications or details is what will be used in your energy models and that any changes to the values will require your involvement/inclusion of the change. Get the Project Manager on board that this isn't a collection of evidence to use against them later on, but a tell me you're going left before you turn so that you have up to date information. Afterall, integrated design is energy modeling.

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Yes, I agree fully with you. In the words of Homer Simpson, "The problem is communication, TOO MUCH communication". Well, forget the last part. Energy-modeling, being a recently new field, has left a lot of people in the dark. Some people seem to think that it is just scanning a building and pressing a button.

Lunch and learns are great, but don't forget to include the lunch or nobody will show up.

It would be great if we started to share information we came up with on such subjects.
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