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Hello all,

I am new to eQUEST and the forums and appreciate all the help from the

My modeling project consists of heat pumps, radiant floor heating and
several hot-water unit heaters.

I currently have a WLHP Water Loop run by two boilers set up with several
PVVT (HP) assigned to their appropriate zones. I am now trying to connect
the radiant floor (modeled as fan coil with baseboard as explained in the
archives) and the unit heaters to this loop but am not sure if this is
possible in WLHP...do I instead need two loops? one for the heat pumps
(type WLHP) and another for the radiant and unit heaters (type Hot Water

Thanks in advance!

*Michael van der Laan*

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I have a similar issue with a hotel I'm energy modeling on eQUEST.  I have modeled a WLHP water loop for all the water-source heat pumps in the associated zones, but the first floor are served by VAV boxes supplied air by a Self-Contained Water Cooled Air Conditioning Unit.  There is no heating coil in the Water Cooled AC Unit, and that's because the heating for those conditioned zones on the 1st Floor is provided by heating coils in each individual VAV box that is supplied hot water from a water-to-water heat pump that is traced from the main water loop that serves the individual water-source heat pumps.  The heating and cooling plants of the main water loop for the WSHP consists of 3 Condensing HW Boilers, a Cooling Tower, and a heat exchanger. 

There are also two DX units serving zones in the basement floors that have a DX coil for cooling but a Hot Water Loop for heating in each unit.  From what I gathered, those two DX are supplied hot water from the main boilers without a W-W HP like on the first floor.

Also, both Basement DX units and the 1st floor Water Cooled AC Unit use outside air.

How would I approach this system, do I need to two loops or is there a way to tie in  the VAV system to the WLHP water loop?


- Edgar Arevalo

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