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I have a interesting set of systems attached to the same loop. there is a
hot water loop with boilers providing some heating to a few Cab heaters and
fin tube. this loop also provides the heating for a Heat pump loop in the
winter, which also has a cooling tower equiped. i cannot find a way to make
these loops interact with each other due to one being HW and the other
WLHP. Any bright ideas?

thanks for the help.

Rob Hudson

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I recently had a system that was a geothermal heat pump system and the design called for supplemental heating from a boiler to add to the heat pump loop. After reading the capabilities of equest, I found that you are able to do a cooling supplement with a cooling tower, but as of now you can't add supplemental heating to the loop. Hope this will save you some time in research.

James M. Newman

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I'm guessing you have a Primary-Secondary loop design? That being said, it
might be easiest just to create two separate loops and divvy up your boiler
capacity accordingly.

Anthony Hardman, PE, LEED AP BD&C

Anthony Hardman, PE
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