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I'm considering purchasing a new computer and want to check if anyone knows
of energy simulation program complications with Windows Vista. I regularly
use eQuest, Contam, Therm5, and Window5. I will probably be using Trnsys
more in the future.



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I've used eQUEST in Vista and haven't had any problems...I'd would imagine the same holds true for the rest but can't speak directly to the other programs.


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We haven't run into any incompatibilities between TRNSYS and Windows
Vista. The one annoyance with it is that Vista's security is very
restrictive about what users and what programs can write in the \Program
Files\ directory. As far as I have been able to tell only users with
administrator privileges can write in that directory. If TRNSYS is
installed in \Program Files then whoever is using it needs to have admin
rights so that TRNSYS can write all of its log, list, and output files
there. I don't think that this issue is specific to TRNSYS, I imagine
that it will crop up with anything that is designed to be fully
contained in a single directory that is installed in \Program Files.


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We have run into this in any directory that is not under My Documents.
You must have administrator rights or you cannot write logs, temporary
files or outputs to a directory (not just those under \Program Files\ ).

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Has anyone encountered an error in eQUEST stating failure to designate a RUN PERIOD? The default "Entire Year" run period is assigned with the default dates ranging from 1/1/1996-12/31/1996 - does anyone know where the RUN PERIOD link to the T24 compliance simulation?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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