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I am trying to use daily or weekly weather data to generate weather files for energy simulation. For example, I have one-day hourly data from the weather station (like dry dulb temperature, RH, global solar radiation, wind velocity and direction etc.), and want to develop those data to a monthly data set.

I wonder whether there are some software which can do this work? I have tried Meteonorm 5.1 and found that it can only develop the monthly data to annual data set.

Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Zhuolun Chen

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Are you wanting to take one day's hourly data and then repeat them to
create an artificial month of data ? Most simulation programs have
weather utility programs that will take your data and convert it to the
format required
by their program.The trickiest part of the problem is that you rarely
have all the right parameters for the data,
and need to do psychrometric conversions to wet bulb, absolute humidity,
etc., so it's best to let these utility
programs figure them out. DOE-2 accepts only full year weather files. I
believe EnergyPlus will accept partial
year data.

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Hello Zhuolun Chen,

I am not sure if it will exactly serve your purpose, but there a weather generating component within TRNSYS (Type 54). It generates hourly values?of dry dulb temperature, humidity ratio, solar radiation, and wind velocity from the montly data.

Ratnalee Patil

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