Wall heights were wrong can I lower the roof?

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I was creating a model of a church with a cathedral ceiling and must
have missed the input to show the walls are only 10 feet. Can I lower
the roof, or do I simply need to re-create the roof?

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Tracy A. Black, P.E.; LEED AP

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Are you in the Detailed Edit mode? If you are click on your building shell
tab and then go into the spaces where your roof is and set your z to
whatever height you need your roof to be at. Similarly you can adjust your
wall heights if you need to by clicking on them and changing the height.


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Another tip for detailed edit:

If you look closely at any wizard-generated wall - you'll see the wall
height is a green number before you do anything else. That means it's
defaulting to something...

That number is the parent space's floor-to-ceiling height. If you
instead double-click the parent space of that wall and edit the floor to
ceiling height, you will find all associated interior and exterior walls
will adjust accordingly. Could be a timesaver in cases like this!

To take it a step further - also note that the floor-to-ceiling height
for any given space coming out of the wizards is also green... it is
defaulting to the single value you specified (or forgot to) for the
whole shell... that can be found and edited by double-clicking the
parent shell of the spaces.

Note anything you specify, turning it into a red number, will stick with
the value you entered and will not change until returned to default



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