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Hello All,

I am doing a project in which air cooled VRF system is installed. I made
VRF system as per the presentation of VRV/VRF system found in archives.
I have part load ratio data, provided by the manufacturer. Can I used this
to make custom performance curves to get more accurate results? if yes,
then, How can I make this, If there are some literature regarding it.
Please share and give me some guideline.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mayank Bhatnagar

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There was some discussion on this topic on 8th Nov. 2011, search with this
keyword in archives "*VRF/VRV modeling*". Also check following link to see
the way performance curve can be customized
http://www.energysoft.com/ep/VRF%20Application.pdf Hope this helps!

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