Simulating VRV/VRF systems

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Hello All,

I have come across the PVVT modeling approach as a workaround for simulating
VRV/VRF Systems in eQuest.

I was wondering why the workaround of using Water-source Heat Pumps to mimic
a VRV/VRF system has not been proposed as yet.

Any explanation/reasoning would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Simulating the VRV/VRF as a WSHP is effectively what the PVVT approach is modeling; it uses a heat pump as the heating source and can be set to water cooled. The PVVT allows for more complexity and control in how the water source heat pump operates. (i.e. variable speed compressor) See the attached presentation put together by Dana Troy and Mark Denyer, it?s quite helpful in their explanation.


Michael J. Smith, EIT, LEED? AP

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I believe a dedicated VRF module was released this year for energyplus. I have not used it though and cannot comment further.


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