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We're doing some eQuest runs for a few different cities. We'd like to compare the same measures across different cities, based on similar rate structures, specific to that city's utility company. Equest only provides utility rate structures for California.

Does anyone out there have "typical" rates for the following cities and would you be willing to share them in *.inp, *.bdl, and/or *.pd2 format?


Thank you!

Tracy L. Marcial, P.E.

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Chicago is a deregulated electricity market (ComEd), so although you may find examples of bundled rates these aren't used by the majority of commercial customers.

Same thing for natural gas, in this case from People's Gas.


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See attachments. I think I might still have several old utility rates in DOE2.1E inp/bdl format. After creating the eQUEST model, insert the 2.1E utilty inp section at the end of the eQ inp file, open the eQ pd2, get the error messages and fix the DOE2.2 inp file. eQ separates the schedules from the rates so it is difficult to see what is going on.

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