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After about a year I have revisited the simulation tool timings matrix. This
matrix of tests has revised the list of hardware to include a Dell gaming laptop,
a Chromebook, an 8-core Odroid ARM computer as well as an ARM based Laptop.
We also explore the option of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) deployments
of ESP-r/EnergyPlus/Radiance as well as recent improvements in run-times
for simulation tool use in Virtual computer environments.

Didn't know you could run simulation tools on Chromebook? And before Microsoft
roles out their 2nd generation of WSL find out how their initial offering
compares to 'running native'.

Here is link to timings web page:

The link is to the full-matrix version. These will feed into the tool-specific web
pages on the Contrasting web site (http://contrasting.no-ip.org/Contrast/Index.html)
in the near future.

Regards, Jon Hand, Glasgow Scotland

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Thanks for sharing this, Jon. I'm curious if you observed any differences
in results with the different hardware you tried. This is not my area of
expertise, exactly, but I'm curious.

Years ago, when I was in graduate school, I observed getting significantly
different results with the same model and same software version running
EnergyPlus on my personal computer vs the computers at my office and we
pinned the cause down to the way some of the fundamental calculation
engines worked deep in the hardware (one had an AMD processor vs the other
with Intel). It was a bigger deal when EnergyPlus had a harder time solving
the plant loop.

It would make me happy to hear you say there was nothing of the sort

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