Request for comments on the Contrasting the Capabilities of Building Simulation tools web site

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I just updated the web site:
to reflect recent changes in ESP-r as well as rewrite most of the overview
of EnergyPlus.

Although the site visits has just ticked past 500 we need to keep it relevant by
listening to the simulation community. For example, it is likely that
the EPP overview can be improved but we don't just want to cut and
past from the vendors pages.

I corrected a bug in the web page 'comments' facility so it should
now be possible to post comments from within the web page (at
the bottom of the text in the upper right pane). Sorry that
the comments feature was off line. Or send your observations
via an email to jon at

We will read your observations and find ways to incorporate them into the web
pages. For example:
a) if the wording on pages could be improved tell us which page/tool/topic and
suggest alternative or additional text,
b) a reality check needs to be made for a vendor's claim, feature or model attribute,
c) information on tool data models is incorrect or need to be updated.
d) information on a tool feature is incorrect or needs to be updated.
e) if there is a topic we have not yet included
f) you notice a page with [TEXT TO BE ADDED] and want to suggest
some text for the topic.

If you know of work in progress we would love to hear about it
with a view to having an additional pull-down to highlight the evolving
nature of simulation tools.

There are several tools which are still boiler-plate entries and if there
are good sources that would help us populate the pages we really would
like to hear about it.

Regards, Jon Hand, Glasgow Scotland

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