Underfloor Air Distribution Modeling

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Does anyone have any recommendations on how to model an UFAD system in
EQuest, or where I could find some info?

Jacob T. Blystone

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Guidelines for modeling UFA can be found at:

Marcus Sheffer

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I posted a question regarding UFAD last week-Thanks for the responses.

1. I want to double check and make sure I've made the correct
assumptions for modeling ENVELOPE ONLY in EnergyPro for Title 24
compliance. My plant, systems and zonal systems are all undefined. I
did not change my Sq.Ft/Occ. for neither my conditioned spaces nor my
plenum spaces. Proposed Lighting load is at 1.2 W/sf (office spaces)
and Receptacle/Process sensible heat load is default 0.5 W/sf in both
conditioned spaces and plenum spaces. (I did not apply the %load
adjustments suggested by your reference document.)

2. When I leave my plant and systems undefined, am I correct to say
that EnergyPro assumes and sizes the plant and systems for me? If so,
where can I find these output files?

Any confirmation or corrections are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance--

Linda Lam

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You might also check the summary procedure developed by Brandon Nichols at his blog/website:

Brandon also addresses summary procedures and cross references on a host of other modeling topics, such as heat recovery, LEED, and utility rates.

Thomas J. White, P.E.

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As an added note, ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G does not currently allow credit for
the reduced ventilation airflow rates associated with the higher ventilation
effectiveness of a UFAD or displacement ventilation system.

Michael Tillou, PE, LEED

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Will this need to be addressed as an ECM in the LEED template?


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