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Hello All,

After Simulation and looking through reports SS-R and SS-O, I have had a
continuing problem of under heating in my Thermal Zones. I have allowed
my boiler capacity, all my heating coils, my heating pump parameters to
default and DOE size, but these actions are of no resolve to the under

Has anyone else ran into this problem, and found a reasonable solution
to the problem of under heating?

Thank you for any help.

Patrick Darby, BScE

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If you look at your SS-O report, it will show you when your spaces are over
or under-heating. I have found that often I am over or under cooling during
startup periods, i.e. my equipment is sized appropriately for loads at
constant indoor temperatures, but if I'm trying to heat the building 5
degrees in 1 hour, I may have some problems.

Also, in packaged systems, I have found that some of the spaces without a
thermostat often have unmet load hours. I believe this is due to the fact
that eQuest doesn't always accurately model airflow through each zone.
Usually, when I model multiple rooms served by a single system (heat pump,
for example), I model the rooms as one zone together. I feel that this is
appropriate as long as the spaces have similar use type, exposure and

One last thing--if you have baseboards and you added them after the wizard,
you will need to specify the thermostat type to "Thermostatic" and give the
baseboards a capacity, otherwise, the spaces will get no heat.


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