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Good morning,

I?ve tried to use the ?Wind turbine? example available in the Example Library (Type 90) for a school project where we want to do a simulation of the electricity production of 5 wind turbines in France.
Unfortunately, we believe there?s a problem with the example because when we disonnect everything from the graph and we hit ?run?, a graph still appears.
Thus we can?t trust the graphs we have when we adapt the example to fit our project because they could be wrong.

Do you know anything about that and is there a way to fix it?

Thank you very much for any information you might have,

Agathe Camboly

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So long as Type65 is in the Studio Assembly Panel a graph will be
generated. If you have disconnected all the inputs to it then whatever
number of variables to plot that you have specified among the Type65
parameters will be displayed but they should all have a value of zero.
If this doesn't solve the problem then I would recommend that you
contact your TRNSYS distributor's hotline for additional assistance.
kind regards,

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