The five most common roof problems

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Taking care of your roof can be a lot like taking care of your teeth. Sometimes you don’t think about either until there’s a problem. And just like no one likes the thought of visiting the dentist to have cavities filled—or worse, root canals—no one likes the thought of having their damaged roof repaired or replaced. In both situations however, the undesirable outcome can be avoided if people perform preventative maintenance. Here’s a look at the five most common problems your roof can have and what you should do about it.

Leaks and moisture

Wind, rain, wind, and hail all take a toll on your roof. Because your roof is exposed to the elements 24/7, it makes sense that moisture is going to be an issue for your roof. Over time, roofing leaks can develop in your roof. Moisture can also lead to mold and rotting. A good roofing company can spot any roofing leaks and mold and fix these problems. If the damage is more widespread, a total roof replacement might be in order.

Pooling water

Another major problem that roofs can have is water that is pooling up on the roof. Roofing systems are designed so that water makes it into the rain gutters where it can get off of the roof and away from the home’s foundation. The accumulation of leaves and other debris on your roof, especially in roof valleys (where two roofing planes meet) can cause water to become trapped on your roof causing a multitude of problems. To avoid this problem, make sure to keep your rain gutters and roof clear of debris.

Punctures and penetrations

Your roof system is only as strong as its weakest part. An otherwise sturdy roof can be compromised by any punctures or penetrations in the roof. Hail, or tree branches that fall during a storm can cause these types of punctures. After a big storm, have your roof inspected to make sure that there are no punctures.

Cracked and curling shingles

Because your roof is constantly exposed to changing temperatures, your shingles can expand and contract. Over time, this expanding and contracting can cause shingles to crack or curl. This leaves gaps where water can get through and cause all sorts of problems. With an asphalt shingle roof, this type of problem is going to happen eventually. You can choose a roofing material that doesn’t expand and contract in changing temperatures however.

Lack of maintenance

While many roofing problems are simply the result of Mother Nature, the majority of them can be avoided by regular roof inspections and maintenance. Don’t make the mistake of letting roofing problems go unnoticed.

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