[TRNSYS-users] Solar radiation in double skin facade modeling

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Dear all,

I am currently modeling a double skin fa?ade with a double glazing outside and a single glazing inside:
Office - single glazing - cavity - double glazing - outside

I would like to know the solar gains inside the office. Nevertheless I didn't find any output giving the amount of solar radiation inside the office (so behind the two glazings): indeed I can get the solar radiation inside the cavity (behind the double glazing) but inside the office results of the output are zero.

It might be that the output consider only external windows?

Then I tried to calculate the solar gains based on solar radiation inside the cavity and on g-value of the single pane, the latter calculated by TRNSYS (NType51). I got the same troubles, because the g-values calculated from TRNSYS for the single pane are equal to zero again.

Then I wonder about the way TRNSYS is taking into account the solar radiation in this specific case. Is my single glazing well considered and then is the calculation right?

I am using TRNSYS 17 and I calculate the beam radiation with the detailed model, based on my geometrical data (modeled in SketchUp).

I thank you in advance for your answers...

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