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Dear TRNSYS users,

I made a comparison between two ways of modeling a facade in Trnsys; in one case I maintained the distinction between mullion and frames of windows, in the second case I just considered this difference varying the percentage of frames in trnsys. Anyway, the area of glass and opaque (mullion+frame) should be the same for both cases. The aim was to find out how Trnsys was going to consider this different approach.
I took out outputs for inside room temperatures and solar gains through windows, in particular:
- Q_sol (ntype960: absorbed solar gains on all inside surfaces);
- Q_sol_tr (ntype12: total shortwave solar radiation transmitted through external windows);
- Qts_pas (ntype74: total solar radiation passing the glass surface of external windows; absorption on external shading devices and reflection of external glass surface are excluded!?>total radiation absorbed or transmitted by building components).
Considering the last mentioned type output, I had unexpected different results for the two cases. I?ve just read the manual but could you please clarify the way trnsys deals with the total solar radiation in ntype74? For example, is the opaque part of frame and wall considered in the same way, regarding the total solar transmission?

Thank for your time!!

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