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I am trying to simulate a couple partitons as mass for storing any solar heat gain the room would see. I have tried constructing a mass wall and setting it as a partition to store any heat gain from the windows. I then changed the method in the adjacent room to interior mass to account for the mass of the partitions. When I run the simulation, I see a required increase in heating and a decrease in cooling demand for the zones. Am I modeling this right? is there a better way to model it?

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I think you are modeling it right. You should see an increase in heating and probably a decrease in cooling peak. The heating increase comes from the adjacent room (actually based on the max difference in room temps). The cooling decrease comes from the latency caused by the additional mass. This is during load design though. In the simulation, you are probably getting the desired effect.

I don't know why you are setting an adjacent room though? Could you avoid that? That would prevent the room from having an increase in heating load. You could simply add the mass partition to each room. If it is not on every room, the increase in mass at the system level won't really matter much.

On another note, increasing the mass of a room, often decreases the peak cooling load because it "spaces it out". This even happens sometimes when you add a roof (the cooling kw peak can actually decrease when adding a roof in certain scenarios)

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