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Hi All,

I'm working on a Trace model for LEED, anyone know an elegant way to include
exterior lighting?

Thanks in advance

Karen Walkerman

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Trane CDS has technical support at cdshelp at for licensees of

Misc consumables are entered in the Plants, under the Base Utility/Misc Accy
tab. Define a Base Utility type (parking lot lights) along with the hourly
demand kW and utilization schedule.


Craig J. Gann, P.E.

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Exterior lighting is easily handled as a base load. Here's how:

1. Go to Create Plants

2. Click on the Base Utility/Misc. Accessory Tab

3. In the Base utility section of that window, choose parking lot
lighting from the drop down menu.

4. You can enter a description, specific the peak kW load, and
assign a schedule for the lighting. Use the Schedule Library to create a
unique schedule, as needed.

5. If you want to call it something other than "parking lot
lights", just create a new base utility in the library.

In the equipment report, the parking lot lighting will be a separate
line item so you can track the changes of various design options (or
design vs. minimum compliance).

Personal regards,

Lynn G. Bellenger, PE, FASHRAE, LEED AP

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