ability of Trace to account for daylight harvesting

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Hi all,
Can anyone shed some light on the ability of Trace to account for a robust daylight harvesting system? Ie account for the lights off, incorporate a motorized shade schedule, exterior obstructions, etc...

Leonard Sciarra

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Hi Leonard,

I can't claim to be an expert, but I have used TRACE for daylighting
analysis. It has the capability to do everything you mention.

It will account for a dimming or on/off algorithm for reducing the electric
lighting when appropriate (you specify target illuminance on the workplane).
You can create custom algorithms for this. You can include internal shading
with any level of transmissivity, and you can put that shading on a
time-clock schedule. I'm not aware of a way to put the internal shading on
a schedule based on incident sunlight or some other parameter. You can
create custom exterior shading in the form of overhangs, fins, overhangs and
fins, or an object like a nearby building. I don't think these can be on
any sort of schedule. I am also not aware of a way to model daylighting
features such as exterior or interior light shelves, but you can place the
daylight sensors where ever you would like relative to the daylighting
apertures, so there is some flexibility in perhaps adjusting sensor
placement to account for light distribution.

I believe TRACE uses the same or similar daylighting algorithm as DOE-2.

I hope this helps,


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