solar thermal in northern ireland

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Dear all,

could anyone provide us measured data (if possible) of the yield of solar
thermal in Northern Ireland (near Belfast)?

Thanks a lot,

Leen Peeters

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*I don't have any measured data*, but if you want a good estimate fairly
quickly I suggest you look at NREL's System Advisor Model (SAM: and plug in the weather file closest to Belfast (
Search for "Malin" in SAM's database, it's the same as this one:

There are publications on measured data in Dublin, not Belfast, from the
Dublin Institude of Technology (L Ayompe, one for flat plate and one for


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thanks, it is a cool tool!
However, I get a really high yield in January if I allow a large storage
volume and a high flow rate (to emulate a big storage volume and
interseasonal storage).

Any suggestion on that?


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