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is there anyone who ever applied this type of paint on the inside? One of
the manufacturers claims it gives the effect of 7.5 cm of EPS insulation.
Product is ThermaCote.
We have tried to simulate it with the reflective coating, but the impact
disappears in the error margins...

Any experience and measured values would help us!

Thanks a lot!

Leen Peeters

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Hi Leen,
We have discussed reflective paints a couple times in the forums - back in September 2017 here and in more detail in 2011 here.
I have not used the products. Research and anecdotes question the value of ?ceramic insulation? paints. It is doubtful that they impact R-value in any meaningful way. You can try modeling it by varying the absorptance and/or emissivity of the wall, if the product you are considering provides those values.
The main thing to realize is at best, paints can affect radiative heat transfer, but do nothing for conduction, convection or infiltration.

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We did indeed play with emissivity. But that is giving a 0.4% energy saving


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