Saving Energy to Save the Planet

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Jim Dirkes - How refreshing to hear from an articulate, knowledgeable, and
hopeful voice in the building simulation community. My wife and I only have
one child, but we believe wholeheartedly the future rests on the talents and
energy of each new life, as they get their opportunity to make a difference.

Varkie Thomas - If you prefer to downsize the population in order to
maintain your standard of living, I would only ask how who decides who gets
to go on and who does not? If the vast majority of Americans and the others
comprising the 30% that are using all of our resources, aren't we being a
bit selfish? Why shouldn't we get along with a few less "things" so others
can at least eat and drink? Then in only a generation or two, or even in
four, if we continue to follow the truths that have gotten us this far, we
will have additional new opportunities to act on; well before the forest,
vegetation, and large animals will be devastated in a few hundred years.

After all we have made quite a bit of progress in the last four generations,
although we must be ever vigilant to keep freedom, life, and liberty for
each individual at the forefront of discussion.


Alan R. Zeller

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This discussion may not belong in Bldg-Sim. I received several responses
directly. All of them the disagreed with my suggestion of human population
control to save energy, the environment and the planet. The arguments were
similar to the ones below.

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