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I am working on daylight analysis (IES and ECOTECT) for a mid-rise
residential. The architectural design has a special shading for windows,
which we had to create as a custom Revit family. I am trying to export this
family to gbXML to work in IESve; but the shading doesn't go through gbXML.
Does anyone have expereince on this issue? How should we create the family
so that it easily get exported to gbXML?
Can we add a "Room Bounding" parameter to a Revit family from Family Editor?
Many thanks,
Amir E. Kavousian

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1) If the shading device is external, create it as a wall, not as a family. Yes, each one has to be individually created and can be very pain staking. When you export it you shall see it within the obstruction file.
2) If it is internal to the room, create the shading devices as normal (using walls). Then move them a certain distance external to the building. Export the file. Open up the obstruction file and relocate all the shading devices to their desired location. hey presto, internal shading devices.
3) You can try the impossible and model the shading devices within IES using ModelIt.

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